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ChargeSim is designed for you to efficiently get the answers you need, letting you make confident design choices.

Utility Demand, Solar and Energy Storage Projections

  • Explore options for fleet charging including solar energy and energy storage systems. 

    Built in interactive graphs and tables let you quickly explore the results to understand tradeoffs and impacts.

    High quality outputs generate report-ready figures. CSV and SVG downloads let you export data and plots for further analysis or high quality printing.

Clear Visualization

Animations and visualisation of the charging process help you see the workflows and charging in action building confidence in your design.

Straightforward User Interface

Simple user workflow and input parameters allow quick translation from product data-sheets and site layout options into meaningful simulations.

Powerful Simulation Engine

The simulation engine can evaluate hundreds of vehicles, thousands of trips and elaborate parking and workflow configurations. Simulations can be run in parallel in the cloud to speed results. In-depth modelling captures complex behaviours.

Software-as-a-service Platform

ChargeSim is a cloud-based simulation and modelling tool, so there is no setup needed, and you can leverage powerful cloud-computing capabilities to run simulations faster.

Viewer & Presenter accounts

Communicate your insights better and build confidence in the analysis by providing read-only access to colleagues and clients. Seeing the simulation in action can help understand complex workflows and results.

Comprehensive Knowledgebase

Help documentation through-out the tool and at our user-accessible help site get you quick answers to your questions on how to input data, and how the simulator is processing it.