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Simulate your EV Fleet Charging to find the right chargers and utility capacity.

ChargeSim charger configuration simulation software lets you:

Understand your power needs

ChargeSim lets you predict the power needs of your EV fleet chargers, letting you select the most cost effective grid connection.

Try different charger configurations

Take maximum advantage of new multiple output chargers and energy storage by understanding the performance and tradeoffs.

Evaluate Solar and Energy Storage

Solar energy can often be used directly in EV charging, reducing the energy storage needs. ChargeSim can help size your system for your fleet. 

Explore Electric Utility Power Needs for EV Charging

Utility involvement early in EV fleet charging installation is essential for the high power required, and inevitably their first question is ‘how much power?’. ChargeSim lets you translate your schedule into expected charging needs and power requirements for the utility. 

Optimising the power requirement for your base is essential to minimise electric utility peak demand tariffs and buy the right chargers. Limiting capacity too much can risk vehicles not being charged in time.  

You can explore the possibilities for deferring charging to cheaper overnight periods and smart charging, while making sure the fleet is recharged on time.

Learn more about why design is important for fleet charging infrastructure 

Simulates each individual vehicle, charger and parking position. 

ChargeSIm simulates each vehicle, battery, charger and parking position. This give you unprecedented visibility into the potential performance of your charging infrastructure. 

Simple configuration choices like how to connect multiple output chargers across parking locations can have a dramatic impact on recharging in time for dispatch. ChargeSim includes on site workflow such as cleaning and parking order so you can find solutions that work for your team and your depot.

Learn more about ChargeSim

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Our Customers

Fleet Operators

Translate your schedule into charger configurations and utility power demand to avoid overinstallation.

Engineering Companies

Offer your customers deep insight into their charging needs, and help them find the most cost effective infrastructure.

Charger Installers

Reduce your costs by installing the most efficient chargers and grid capacity required for the application.